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Product Lines
Cello Products Inc.

Cello Products was founded in 1946 in Cambridge, Ontario as a manufacturer of cast brass solder fittings by Mr. Harry Lee. Wrot copper solder fittings were added to the product line in the 1960’s. Today, Cello produces an extensive line of fittings including:

  • Copper Sweat Pressure Fittings from 1/8" through 8"
  • Copper and Cast Bronze DWV Fittings
  • Copper Press Fittings and Ball Valves from 1/2" - 4"
  • No Lead Cast Bronze Sweat Fittings
  • No Lead Threaded Bronze Fittings and Nipples
  • Plastic and No Lead Brass Pex fittings
  • Push Fittings

Built by craftsmen, Loved by Plumbers

Krowne has been manufacturing top quality stainless stee products for over 69 years, with divisions in standard underbar, royal underbar, refrigeration, hand sinks, food service faucets, pre-rinses and replacement parts, and commercial gas connectors and gas connector kits.

Empire Industries, Inc.
Empire Industries, Inc. is a family-owned company providing quality manufactured products to the industry since 1942. Empire Industries manufacturers pipe hangers, supports, strut, custom fabrication and metal stampings. Please see our Warehoused Products page to see what JFL has in stock!

General Wire Spring Co.

The toughest tools down the line.™

Opening a clogged sewer or drain calls for tough equipment. General builds sewer and drain cleaners with the most rugged components, from cutting heads to electrical systems. General has been making pipe cleaners since 1930 and have continually improved their reliability, truly making them the "toughest tools down the line™".

Products offered by General include:

  • Electric Drain Cleaning Machines
  • Water Jets
  • Video Pipe Inspection Systems
  • Closet and Urinal Augers
  • Full Selection of Replacement Cables, Cutters and Accessories
  • Auto-Cut™ Tubing Cutters
  • Pipe Thawing Machines

Korky Toilet Repair

Lavelle Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of rubber and plastic parts. Not only are they American made, but they are also right in our backyard in Burlington, Wisconsin. Lavelle has over 80 years leadership in the manufacture of toilet and faucet repair parts. Toilet manufacturers, wholesalers, plumbing professionals, and consumers rely on the Korky® brand by Lavelle for quality products and services inculding:

  • Korky® Flappers
  • Korky® Quietfill Fill® Valves
  • Korky® Flush Valves

SetFast Log

RJS Tech,LLC, makers of SetFast™, the Self-Adjusting Closet Bolt & Jam-Bar toilet bolt lock wrench. This advanced telescopic toilet bolt simplifies bowl mounting and removal, by having to never cut the bolt! To see how this revolutionary works click on the link below.

Service Wire Logo

Manufacturing quality... delivering service. 

Service Wire has been manufacturing electrical and cable since 1968. They are committed to producing high quality products designed to meet your needs. In addition to their pump and irrigation products, Service Wire is a prime supplier to the industrial, commercial, utility and transit industries.




MiFab Logo

MIFAB, established in 1982, is a manufacturer of commercial plumbing products. MIFAB's products have many features and benefits that have made them the choic of many specifying engineers and contractors. For example, MIFAB offers a complete range of stainless steel drains and cleanouts at the same cost as the industry standard nickel bronze eliminating dishing, discoloration and corrosion normally asscociated with drain tops made of other materials. 

The product line includes:

  • Backwater Valves
  • BEECO pressure reducing valves and backflow preventers
  • cleanouts
  • C-PORT recycled rubber pipe supports
  • FILCOTEN Fibre-reinforced concrete trnch drains
  • Fixture Carrieers
  • Foor, roof and area drains
  • Floor sinks
  • Grease,oil, solids, automatic recovery, specialty and large oil-water separators
  • Steel and plasctic access doors
  • Trap seal primers and distribution units
  • Trench drains - steel, polypropoylene, stainless seel and cast iron
  • Wall, ground, floor, yard and hot/cold hydrants
  • Water hammer arrestors

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